Adapting and managing your employee benefits through the COVID-19 pandemic

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In this webinar we cover the following:

Cost Control

Group Risk and Healthcare coverage maybe under pressure with rising costs expected.

Contract Certainty

Furloughed staff? Notified your providers about this and reviewed your benefit specifications? There are things to watch out for here (some covered off in our previous webinar which you can gain instant access to here).


Staff wellbeing is and should be at the forefront during this pandemic but it’s not just mental and physical needs, it will also be financial. Staff may be feeling the pinch, particularly if other members of their household are in the same boat.  What else is available to help these families?

Investment performance

The markets have been volatile, how can we support members of pension schemes and other savers through these uncertain times?

Lifestyle Options

Staff may have been ill and/or faced a bereavement. They may need to change the terms of the policy – do the policy terms allow for flexibility, includes working from home and a change in company profile and staff diversity?

Your webinar hosts:

Allyson Gayle

Head of Risk & Healthcare

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Sue Pemberton

Head of DC Consulting and Technology

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