Employee Benefit Webinar 4: Developing your Wellbeing Strategy

This webinar is now over. You can access the recording using the form below.

In the fourth of our November webinars, we look at the challenges and the solutions when developing a wellbeing strategy for employees.

Gain insight on how far other employers have reached with their workplace wellbeing programmes and understand the direction corporate wellbeing is moving in the UK. Relate this to your company and take advantage of a free wellbeing appraisal to benchmark your current staff wellbeing initiatives (you may already have more than you think).

Learn about an innovative and simple approach to communication, focusing on solutions that your employees need (as opposed to providing a list of unconnected benefits).

This webinar takes a joined-up approach to workplace wellbeing, giving ammunition to further develop your own wellbeing strategy.

In summary, we will be covering:

  • How does your current Wellbeing strategy measure up?
  • Trends and Innovations for a healthier workforce
  • Communicating your Wellbeing offer
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