Employee Benefit Webinar 2: Next Generation Benefits Technology

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In the second, of our November webinars, we looked at ideas for building a modern and engaging benefit solution using leading UK benefits technology, along with new trends in benefit promotion including the need for greater benefit personalisation across all groups of staff – from Millennials to mid-career and to those approaching retirement.

The key focus will be a demonstration of how a modern technology solution achieves this. How new technology advances can have a positive influence by making pay stretch that little bit further, how benefits can be personalised, creates employee loyalty and ultimately, productivity and ROI for the employer.

We finish by offering a sample of suggested communication ideas to reinforce these new trends that further embeds staff engagement over the calendar year.

In summary, we will be covering:

  • Aligning your benefits strategy
  • Workforce segmentation and personalisation
  • Building an effective engagement plan
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