Employee Benefit Webinar 1: Maximising value from Group Risk and Healthcare

This webinar is now over. You can access the recording using the form below.

In the first of our November webinars, we asked the question: “Is securing the lowest insurance rate, actually the ‘best’ price for your risk and healthcare coverage?”

Understand the pitfalls of getting it wrong and learn the steps you need to take to proactively protect your business as well as your employees. Focus on the right approach to employee insurance renewals and rest easy that the cover you have in place is robust from a legal as well as a price perspective. Discover the simple solutions that can save you time, reduce your exposure and take GDPR requirements off your hands!

This webinar will also provide you with insight on the medical benefits most valued by employees and how they may not cost as much as you might expect plus, how some of them are free.

We also touch upon how communication and accessibility are key, with technology playing an increasing role in a value-based risk and healthcare solution.

We look forward to you tuning in!

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