Webinars / 25 May 2018

DB Transfers Webinar 1: How can you help your members make the right decisions?

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In the first of our latest webinar series on DB transfers, we will be discussing how trustees and employers can support their members who express an interest in transferring out of a scheme.

An increased level of members interested in transferring Defined Benefit (DB) entitlement, has resulted in Trustee Boards and Employers aiming to provide support to those members, ensuring they make the right decision in relation to their pension.

The complexity of DB transfer advice, together with Regulatory requirements, means that many Trustee Boards and Employers are considering the appointment of an IFA to support their members.

The problem is how do you design a member-driven advisory service that is controllable, cost effective, and aims to ensure good member outcomes? And how do Trustees and Employers go about appointing an IFA to deliver the service, whilst detaching themselves from an emotive issue?

Ian Gutteridge will be sharing experience, outlining how such a service can be designed to ensure a high quality service that is cost effective and aims to ensure members make the right decision, first time, every time.


Questions we will be exploring:

  • Responsibility for advice; where do you stand?
  • How can you help your members make informed decisions?
  • Should you appoint an IFA?
  • How can you ensure good member outcomes?


All webinar registrants will also receive a copy of our Checklist: 10 things to consider when choosing an IFA

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