#IWD How can we forge a more gender equal world?

International Women's Day, 8 March

This year, in order to stir up a little more conversation around the day, we decided to ask our employees what actions they could take away from International Women’s Day. We asked them one questions – ‘would forge a more gender equal workplace, and world.’

Responses came in thick and fast, and here are a selection:

“I’ll ensure younger members of my family grow up knowing they should never let gender cause boundaries for them”

“An equal world is an enabled world – we need to raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.”

“I’ll be a champion for all women and promote them as much as possible.”

“I will encourage all genders to listen to what all others have to say.”

“I’ll challenge gender bias and always work towards a more gender equal workplace.”

“Challenge the organisers of events where the attendees are mainly men.”

“I’ll call it out when I see or hear gender stereotypes or bias.”

“I won’t communicate or interact with people based on their gender.”

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