Thought / 31 Aug 2021

DC Governance –
the foundation to a well-managed pensions scheme

We ensure that you’re one step ahead of regulatory change whilst maximising the value of the investment being made.

Through our holistic approach to DC Governance, we enable our clients to keep their employees on track and members informed, empowering them to make the right decisions, at the right time. We support your business objectives as well as your member’s needs and work with your Governance Committee to make a real difference to your employees’ future.

Our in-depth knowledge of pensions legislation, combined with our active approach to governance that focuses on the areas of administration, investment, charges and employee engagement enables us to deliver a service that’s truly holistic. We work with your Governance Committee, combining experience with good process and pragmatism, to ensure your pension provision is as on-track and as compliant as it can possibly be.

Active Governance

Active Governance can help you use your time more efficiently and maximise the value from the investment being made by the company.

We engage with your employees and create a bespoke communications strategy that resonates with your members and aligns with your business objectives. We ensure that all legislative and regulatory compliance is adhered to make sure your scheme is as efficient as possible through providing a seamless service:

  • Identifying risks and provide reassurance of regulatory compliance.
  • Identify key objectives, measure success and ensure value for money.
  • Promote member engagement and understanding to improve retirement outcome.

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