Thought / 20 Aug 2021

Back to basics – what does Premier stand for?

Premier employees in a group meeting

We’re an award-winning employee benefit and wealth management company with 200 employees based across Croydon and Bristol, but what does Premier stand for?

The client experience is at the heart of everything we do. Our clients tell us that they get a genuinely personable service that’s intelligent, accurate, timely and forward looking – so it adapts as their needs change. We are determined to deliver this exceptional quality of service at an added value competitive price – say goodbye to unreasonable costs!

In an industry that’s changing at such a rate, we stay ahead of the curve to be able to give exceptional, industry-leading service to our clients.

Our SLA delivery rate throughout 2018
Average member feedback over the last three years

Our Values

The below values are so important to us and have an influence on everything we do.

Integrity – high moral standards, respect, honesty, and ownership form the foundation on which we build a successful business.

Innovation – we push boundaries, anticipate change and proactively deliver solutions to client needs, by embracing technology and constantly challenging the status quo.

Efficiency – we provide support to our clients in the most cost-effective way. It is our aim to share information and technology to streamline our processes and improve the delivery of our advice and services.

Fun – allowing everybody to enjoy fun in the workplace instils confidence, courage and creativity – making Premier employees stand out from the crowd.

Trust – we trust all members of our team to deliver their service professionally and on time. We do this through clear communication, delegation, and good leadership.

Our awards and recognitions

We were featured on three Best Companies lists for 2021 including on the UK’s 100 Best Mid-Sized Companies to work for, the top 50 Best Mid-Sized Companies to work for in London, and in the top 30 Best Financial Services’ Companies to work for in the UK. We also achieved a 2-star “outstanding” rating for our employee engagement.

We secured a ServiceMark award from the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) with Distinction, and received an excellent response rate to our most recent employee engagement survey (90% to be exact!)

Logos of the Best Companies awards 2021

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