5 ideas to help support your employee’s wellbeing when working remotely

After a challenging and difficult year, the optimistic outlook of a more normal life towards the end of the summer comes as a welcome relief for many looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues. COVID-19 has forced the majority of employees to work from home and many will not have been back to their desks since leaving the office at the start of the pandemic.

Although the easing of restrictions will undoubtedly encourage more office based working, it’s safe to say that flexible, remote working in some form will be part working policy for many companies’ from now on.

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we are sharing some of the initiatives that we have run over the past year across the whole of Premier that have brought people together during this testing time.

Here are 8 ideas to help support your employee’s workplace wellbeing when working remotely.

1. Create a workplace wellbeing timetable

Through the mass adoption of technology solutions like Zoom and Teams, creating a wellbeing timetable that is accessible to every employee is now easily possible. Thinking carefully about your employee base and demographics will help you create a timetable that includes something that everyone can get involved with.

At Premier, our wellbeing team has created a timetable with at least one wellbeing session available per day. This has proved extremely popular in bringing people together and ensuring that everyone is able to connect with their colleagues whilst working remotely.

If you’d like to learn more about how Premier could help you with your workplace wellbeing strategy, click here.

2. Scheduling time in for companywide ‘chats’ on current issues

It has been (and will continue to be) an anxious time for many, and scheduling a small time amount of time each week or month in which employees can discuss what’s happening in the news can help with reassurance.

The mental health team at Premier has ensured that there is a scheduled ‘chat’ at least every month which focusses on current issues and concerns that have been produced by the pandemic.

3. Start a photo competition each week and get the creative juices flowing

An initiative that has proven particularly popular for Premier is our weekly photo competition. Each week we have a different theme and we challenge everyone to capture an image the epitomises the week’s theme to them. For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we’re challenging our people to capture what makes them feel good or what supports their mental health. As the overarching theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is nature, we’re adding bonus points to those who can include nature in their submission!

Focusing the mind and looking for a creative perspective can be calming for busy minds. With the relaxing of restrictions, it is also great encouragement to get outside and interact with nature.

Thinking about what simple initiatives you can implement can prove to be quick wins in a wellbeing strategy. If you’d like to find out more about how Premier can help you further with your workplace wellbeing, click here.

4. Get the company cooking all at once with a weekly cook-along

Another way to get the creative juices flowing is to hold a regular cook-along where by you ask someone within your company to come up with their favourite recipe and share how to they cook over a live Zoom. Others can then cook along with them and the experience of cooking the meal is shared.

5. Make a difference to your employees and the wider community with charity initiatives

A charity initiative can make a huge difference to so many people’s lives and the way you do it can involve everyone in your company and help build community even when people are working remotely.

At Premier, we’ve run a number of charity initiatives during the pandemic which have been aimed at creating a community and bringing people together even though we are apart. We have utilisted technology like Strava to enable people to come together and share their experiences.

Our most recent charity initiative was entitled ‘Make Time To Make A Difference’ and was based around the premise that 30 minutes a day can make all the difference. We asked our people to log the minuets in the day they spent on their health and wellbeing and if they wanted to, submit a photo and some words on why they do what they do. These images and words would then feature on our ‘stories’ board for everyone to enjoy. Premier then contributed £1 for every 1 hour of health and wellbeing recorded and donate it to charity.

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