News / 25 Feb 2022

4 key strategies employers can adopt to prevent resignations

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Research has found that 26% of workers in the UK are actively job hunting (Total Jobs, 2021), therefore prioritising employee growth and development to mitigate resignations is key.

Premier’s Head of HR Sue Holmes has put together 4 key strategies employers can adopt to prevent resignations and keep employees feeling fulfilled in their role:

Empower employees to take control of their own careers

Provide guidance on the internal roles and opportunities that are available within your organisation. Send out regular newsletters to employees advertising these opportunities – you might be missing out on some fantastic internal talent who would fit perfectly in a different role.

Enable personalised learning and development

Show employees what skills are in demand so that they can grow, learn, upskill and feel more valued and engaged. Investing in a learning portal for all staff is a brilliant way for employees to learn about a range of topics relevant to their role.

Anticipate and fill key skills gaps

Identify the skills your company needs for the future and upskill your employees to build them internally. Send employees on relevant training courses and provide financial support with any qualifications they may wish to gain. This company investment will make employees feel valued by you, their employer, and you will likely save on recruitment costs in the future.

Increase retention of high performers

Increase your transparency and make growth paths clear to employees so that they remain connected and loyal. Let your employees know how you see them progressing through the company, and let them know what an asset they are to the organisation.