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Choosing an adviser for your move to Master Trust

We understand your pension scheme has a lot on its plate. Switching to a master trust should reduce workload, not add to it.

Our three top tips help you find the adviser that will make your decision and transition seamless, even in these unforgiving times.

1 – Experience

The market changes with alarming regularity – particularly now – and strong technical and industry knowledge is essential. Appropriate skills and experience working alongside all stakeholder groups will keep the project moving through any situation that arises.

2 – Independence

Many advisory firms have their own master trust, provide consultancy services to master trusts and even sit on master trust boards. These conflicts of interest are difficult to overcome; choose an adviser with no affiliations to an active master trust.

3 – Understanding

Are you on the same wavelength as your adviser? Your team has a preferred way of working and your adviser must be in tune. Pick someone who understands the objectives, motivations and challenges of your scheme, and can manage the transition and stakeholders accordingly.

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Switching to a DC Mastertrust - what to look out for

If you’d like to get in contact with us to discuss any issue you might have around your master trust transition, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sue using the contact details below.

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