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Reviewing your scheme design

In recent years there’s been an increased focus on the cost and complexity of legislation. This, coupled with the many different options that are now available regarding scheme design, means that more and more clients are working with us to review their employee provision.

We begin by making sure that we understand your business, the constraints you face, the opportunities available to you and the competitive nature in which you work. We’ll analyse your current employee profile and the benefits currently offered to fully understand the challenges you face.

Offering a more analytical approach

Where our service differs is how we work with employers to assess the alternatives and make recommendations. We’ll get together with our clients to explain the thinking behind our recommendations, discuss options and make any necessary changes.

While this analysis stands on its own as a valued service, we are also able to work with our clients to put into place our recommendations. From trust-based and Group Personal Pensions to SIPPs, we can find the best and most suitable product available.

Provider review with a diligent approach

As a leading provider of administration and actuarial services, we have an inherent knowledge of the industry. We also know what good service looks like. This means an outsourced pensions manager and scheme secretary, we can find the best and most suitable product available for your company.

Two core briefs underpin our approach to provider selection: finding out what’s wrong with the current relationship, and to fully understand our client to ensure we are making the right decisions. In our opinion, removing a problem will not necessarily solve it, so we take the time to develop a relationship that will be long- lasting and mutually beneficial.

Member communication that really speaks

We know from experience that great communication is crucial when it comes to your Pension Scheme. It’s a given that when your employees know exactly what benefits are available to them they will more likely be engaged with their pension. For member communications to be successful then the information needs to be relevant, accurate and easy to understand.

We create functional pension communication strategies that are successful and engaging. We utilise written communications, group workshops and online planning tools and even go one step further by giving professional advice on more complex issues, where required.

David Jarman

Head of Trustee Services

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