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Aiding financial decisions at retirement

With the introduction of Pension Freedoms and the limitations associated with Annual Allowances and Lifetime Allowances, we are now seeing a need to provide guidance or advice to individuals. This is due to growing interest from members and employees in respect to switching or transferring pension benefits.

Premier’s chartered IFA, Premier Wealth Planning, works alongside pension scheme trustees, employers and those individuals in need of pension advice, guiding them through the new rules, regulations and options now available in the world of retirement planning.

Taking the stress out of financial planning

Our Member & Employee Services are wide ranging, helping executives and employees meet their retirement objectives.

As an FCA regulated firm, our independent advisers are able to give your members advice on a range of options, including but not limited to:

  • At retirement services.
  • Pension Transfer services.
  • Pension Tax Services.

Whilst we have outlined some of our services above, it is worth contacting Premier if you wish to discuss a particular issue relating to any group of your membership of employees.

Find out a bit more about our process from one of our consultants by watching video below:


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