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Getting you there on time

Our approach to investment consulting is simple. We understand where you are trying to get to, when you want to arrive and how much risk you wish to take along the way. From there we work with you to build a portfolio that meets your objectives.

We only offer advice, meaning we are independent and conflict free.


Overarching all aspects of portfolio construction is ESG integration. We expect the highest levels of reporting and integration in the way that fund managers assemble their portfolios, and will review and feed back to you through our reporting cycle.

Our Investment Beliefs

• We take a long-term approach to investment, avoiding making short-term market calls
• Risk should be understood and managed
• Diversification across drivers of return is better than concentrated portfolios, even within low-dependency portfolios
• Like any business, managing liquidity is critical to success but long-term, illiquid exposures can add value
• We expect fund managers to take an active approach to engagement, voting and ESG, particularly around climate change
• Exclusion is a last resort and it is better to influence and engage with portfolio positions.

Premier Implementation Assist

We do not offer Fiduciary Management (FM) solutions and recognise that FM is not for everyone. However, one of the reasons often given for appointing an FM is that it takes away a lot of the heavy lifting of implementation.

Premier Implementation Assist is a service that allows us to complete and sign documentation on behalf of trustees once a decision to appoint a fund manager has been made. This makes implementation simpler and frees up more trustee time for the important strategic decisions.

Our Services

Why Premier?

At Premier, we’ll fit our service around what you need and offer a flexible, hands-on service that allows you to achieve your goals.

But most of all, we keep things simple. Our service is guaranteed to combine value for money with quality advice.

Mark Hodgson

Head of Investment Consulting

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