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The right advice with you in mind

We’re committed to seeing change when it comes to how we approach actuarial services and we recognise that often it’s only within reach of the larger scale schemes. That’s why we are dedicated in our delivery of exceptional actuarial advice to small and medium sized schemes.

Innovative technologies supported by clear communications. Combining these two factors gives us the means to provide the highest standard of service possible to our clients. Remaining flexible and allowing for change with a long term view makes all the difference to our clients. We go to the lengths required to truly understand their needs.

Scheme Actuary
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An intuitive and responsive approach

We deliver a completely joined up approach to the Scheme Actuary role. To achieve this, we believe the Scheme Actuary needs to be closely integrated with the Investment Consultant and other advisors. That’s why we recommend a funding plan that’s co-aligned with the overall objectives of the trustees and sponsor, supported by the investment strategy.

We develop and refine the scheme funding strategy. Using real time models to test different scenarios, our approach provides the ability for trustees to optimise their proposals, removing any additional work from the Scheme Actuary.

Removing the uncertainty

We are advocates of regular monitoring and review. Our risk management tools mean that you can track your funding position daily if you wish, but whilst this may be unnecessary for some, we would still recommend review every three months, or at a minimum every 12 months.

Having the ability to track the funding position regularly will ensure that whether a Trustee or Finance Director, you can ensure that you will be informed about the financial position of your pension plan. This will allow you to evaluate the current funding position and identifying the possible options for corrective action.

We make sure the employer’s interests are properly represented when finalising the funding plan.

John Herbert

Chief Actuary

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