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With an increasing number of individuals impacted by the Annual Allowance (and Tapered Annual Allowance) together with the Lifetime Allowance, many trustees and employers are keen to ensure these individuals fully understand the issues they need to address.

Our service not only helps the individuals facing pension tax challenges, but also employers and pension trustees. We design alternative remuneration strategies to assist executives, high earners and high value pension savers seek cohesive ways of planning for the future.

If you are affected by the following it may be especially vital that you review to your tax circumstances regularly.

  • You have investments
  • You pay higher rate income tax
  • You run your own business
  • You are married and one of you pays higher rate tax
  • If you or your partner came from overseas or have overseas assets

Premier’s pension tax service can be tailored to meet your budget. From assisting in the design of pension tax communications, through to guidance or advice delivered to individuals, and helping individuals avoid or mitigate tax liabilities. Premier Wealth Planning has assisted organisations ranging from large blue chip companies, through to SMEs.

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