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What if you were to suddenly become seriously ill and could not work to provide for your family?

It’s not necessarily something people wish to think about, however it’s important to understand how you can provide for your loved ones if the worst was to happen. At Premier Wealth Planning, we have the expertise to help you identify any gaps in your cover and arrange the right levels and types of protection for you.

Mortgage repayment
Money (lump sums and income)
Business debts repayment

What do we offer?

Protection, such as Life, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance essentially provides money to help meet your financial responsibilities (either to your family and/or business partners) in the event of death, sickness or disability, such as:

  • Mortgage repayment
  • Money (lump sums and income) for you and/or your family to pay the bills
  • Business debts repayment

Delivering to your requirements

You may already have life insurance to cover your mortgage, and possibly through your work (check your benefits booklet or employee intranet site).

However, you need to be sure that this cover is sufficient for your needs and for those that rely on you financially. If you are self-employed, or a business owner with dependents it is even more important that you have the right types and amounts of cover specific to your requirements.

We are here to help you in any case, so do get in touch to discuss your arrangements.

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