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Health and wellbeing isn’t just about gym memberships and employee assistance programmes. In fact, it’s much more than that. Building an effective and adaptable health and wellbeing strategy will produce a more engaged workforce who understand their benefits and work to their true potential.

We provide innovative solutions to health and wellbeing using the latest technologies and benefit management systems.

Don’t expect more until you do more

Your wellbeing strategy needs to be completely relevant to your company. That’s why we start with you, not with what we have to offer. We look at your employee’s needs and corporate demands and apply them to your ROI targets to produce the most efficient strategy.

To be successful in implementing a welling strategy, certain factors need to be considered. That’s why we expertly build our programmes around the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing indicators to deliver across all areas of your company.

Next, the strategy needs to engage with your employees, otherwise it will not fulfil its potential. To ensure maximum engagement throughout your business, we’ll produce a communication programme that really speaks to your workforce.

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No. 1
cause of long-term absence of workers is stress.

Developing a healthcare strategy that works for you

As one of the most popular employee benefits, healthcare is a must for any company wishing to obtain employer of choice status. It can however be a balancing act between providing cover to your employees and the cost constraints associated with healthcare. In today’s turbulent economy, employers are seeking sound advice on how to deliver cover both effectively and in a cost efficient manner. This is where we can help.

Whether you provide a comprehensive range of health benefits, would like to extend your current provision further or simply wish to obtain more for your money, Premier can help you manage healthcare in cost effective way. We can also make sure your staff appreciate the investment you make by increasing employee engagement through benefit design and communication.

Gain (or maintain) Employer of Choice status

Once a defined strategy is in place, a solution to keep it relevant is needed to cope with the changing demands of you employees. To ensure this, we provide you with a robust wellbeing governance programme to help maintain a dynamic health and wellbeing strategy.

This will allow you to keep up-to-date and help you move with your employees developing needs. What’s more, we’ll monitor results for success and ROI – meaning we’ll always deliver on our promise.

Allyson Gayle

Head of Risk & Healthcare