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We’ve learned from experience that people engage and learn differently. Some people hear and learn, others read, watch or do and learn. All of the these will be represented in a typical employee group. It’s our job to translate that for you to make sure your communication programme suits your employee demographic.

Engagement at the centre

Few people fully understand the benefits provided by their employer, how they work and perhaps, most importantly how much they cost. For benefit communication to be successful, the information needs to be relevant, accurate and easy to understand.

This is where we can help. Transferring consistent messages across your written communications, group workshops, online planning tools or videos helps to engage all of your employees.

Communication, clear and simple

For both on-going engagement and single campaigns, our approach is to help you develop a programme that is aligned to your business objectives, utilises all your current resources and works within your budget. As part of this, we will help you measure the success of your campaigns, learning what works with your employees and adjusting on-going strategies as a result.

Communicating pension benefits is often one of the most difficult areas for employers. We can give you web-based or printed literature to explain the benefits of your scheme in clear and simple terms. In addition to this we can provide online tools and calculators, videos, face-to-face presentations, workshops and one-to-ones.


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