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Jay Solanki

Head of Governance


Having graduated from the University of Manchester, I pursued a career in Actuarial until I saw the light and became a Pensions Consultant.

Over the last 22 years I have primarily worked with Boards of Trustees helping them manage their pension schemes. The experience that I have gained has been varied, interesting and fun!

In 2003 I joined Dai within a few months of him setting up Premier when there were only four of us. Whilst the early days were challenging as clients were concerned about appointing a start up firm, we were very confident in our abilities and our culture. That belief has resulted in the firm to grow to where it is today and I am personally very proud of what we have achieved.

I have been involved in many interesting projects over the years but the one that highlighted what we are about was when we secured the largest buy-out (at the time) for one of our clients – the EMI Group Pension Fund.