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Chris Elsey

Senior Consultant


With over 20 years experience, I am a highly qualified and respected benefits consultant with a deep understanding of employee benefits and modern technology delivery. My expertise includes UK corporate pension arrangements (DB, trust and contract), pension governance, auto-enrolment planning and delivery, benefit modernisation via online flexible benefits, health and risk services, and staff benefit communications.

A bit more about me...

Anything with ‘active sport’ involved i.e. Parkrun at the weekend, skiing in the Alps when the snow has settled, long road bike travels around the Chilterns (‘cake rides’ are the best’), sailing the seas in a dingy in the summer and more recently, triathlons (why pretend to be good at one sport, when you can embarrass yourself at three!).

When my energy is running low – its cooking for friends, tidying up after the kids and a nice sit down with the latest best selling novel.