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Premier is the wise counsel to your pension scheme and its operational lynchpin. Our consultants combine first class pensions knowledge with a proactive and friendly solutions-based approach to ensure you never have to worry about the running of your scheme.

Professional – We get things done the way you want

  • We are flexible and tailor our service to clients’ needs, no matter how big or small
  • We work seamlessly and collaboratively with other scheme stakeholders, managing them to get things done
  • We’re the centre of the wheel, coordinating advisers and engaging trustees
  • We are the wise counsel for the chair of trustees – the trusted adviser of the scheme
  • We prepare business plans, project plans, expenses budgets and more to ensure things run smoothly
  • We horizon scan for issues and plan ahead to mitigate bumps in the road
  • If there is a way to improve things we will suggest it
  • We are proactive and supportive
  • We have an excellent speed of response
  • We are instrumental project managers
  • We add value and drive schemes forward
  • We use the latest technology to make schemes run efficiently

Experienced – Our heritage as schemes secretaries is unparalleled

  • Our consultants have decades of industry experience – all clients have senior consultants with 25+ years on their team
  • We have been running schemes for over 40 years – our pedigree and history is unmatched
  • We have guided schemes through some of the industry’s most complex transactions e.g. EMI
  • Our consultants come from a variety of pensions backgrounds (e.g. admin, actuarial)
  • Our team is highly qualified e.g. PMI
  • Our team shares vast technical knowledge. We meet multiple times a week to discuss questions, proposals, ideas and solutions
  • We have worked across schemes of all sizes and types, and use this knowledge to advise clients appropriately
  • Our experience helps us appreciate the uniqueness of schemes and get up to speed with new clients fast
  • We have expertise you can’t computerise or shortcut
  • Our scheme documentation expertise supports an effective governance framework

Trustworthy – You can rely on us no matter what

  • We get involved in all aspects of your scheme and offer the best solutions
  • We educate and support new trustees, train and on-board them
  • Our work is about delivering the best outcomes for our clients
  • We’re good at building relationships with other stakeholders (e.g. Company MDs and FDs), gaining their trust
  • We are very responsive and available 24/7 to meet schemes’ needs
  • We act with integrity and our clients have complete confidence in us
  • We don’t dilute the quality of our offering for smaller schemes
  • We take the burden away from schemes
  • We take care of difficult conversations so you don’t have to
  • We build trust with our clients and have an open and honest culture
  • Our support allows trustees to focus on their long-term objectives

Jay Solanki

Head of Trustee Secretarial Services

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