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More and more companies are turning to flexible portals to manage their employee benefits programmes, but cost is often a barrier. Gateway2Benefits 24/7 breaks through that barrier to offer a most cost effective approach.

We are thrilled to have launched Gateway2Benefits 24/7 (G2B 24/7), our streamlined version of our full platform aimed at enabling more companies to maintain a flexible benefits platform. Focusing on the self-serve aspects of benefits, G2B 24/7 supports employees to make full use of the various benefits their employer offers including pensions, workplace benefits, health and wellbeing tips and reward and recognition tools.

‘Magnetic content‘  and useful quick-link hyperlinks ensure employees who log on to check one type of benefit are also drawn in to engage with others. The portal allows employers to maximise the impact of their benefit offering, allowing them to attract and retain their most valued asset, their people.

You can request a demo of Gateway2Benefits 24/7 here.

A comment from our Technology Proposition Lead, Daniel McCann:

“Flexible benefit portals are increasingly in demand. The switch to greater remote working has made online tools more important than ever as Covid-19 and the strains of lockdown turn a spotlight on working practices and employee health and wellbeing. In particular, reward and recognition modules where employees can praise colleagues (privately or publicly), provides a vital link back to the working environment, whether that is the office, the shop floor or the warehouse. Employers recognise that an adaptable and generous benefits programme is key to retaining talent and competitiveness and that online benefits portals massively enhance employee engagement with the benefits offering.

“However, benefit portals are an investment and for companies with stretched budgets, they can prove pricey. The 24/7 version of the G2B portal is designed as a stepping stone. It fulfils most  functions of the standard G2B portal but has scaled down functionality and consequently is less expensive. We designed it to help employers manage costs with the expectation many of them would look to transition to a more comprehensive portal in the future.”

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