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At Premier we pride ourselves on our culture. We live and work to our values and management behaviours and remain true to Dai’s founding principles of Premier, business focused on client experience and a great place to work!

The culture of Premier is our ‘personality’ and our employee engagement score and recent surveys including a wellbeing people check-in survey tells us this is what makes us different from others, attracts talent and makes that talent want to stay with us for the long-haul, no matter what challenges we face long the way.

Our company culture is fragile and requires each one of our 200 people to play their part in keeping it alive. That has never been truer throughout the pandemic when our culture has been tested like never before.

Our people have been resilient to the changes and challenges thrown at them and it’s our strong Premier culture which we have built over many years that is helping us to get through this. The Wellbeing of our people has been at the core of how we have taken decisions and asking ourselves whether these decisions fit our values of who we are.

We realise that there will be key elements of our company culture that may now need to be accentuated, not least because we will be moving to a more agile/hybrid way of working.

Ten Year's Club Dinner
Our 10 year's club had their annual dinner in November!
Source: Kitchen analysis last Tuesday afternoon