Reba Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018

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Reba Employee Wellbeing Congress 2018

The 5th July marks the third annual Employee Wellbeing Congress and we’re delighted to have our Head of Risk and Healthcare speaking at the event.

The REBA Employee Wellbeing Congress is a highly acclaimed event dedicated to bringing the issue of wellbeing to fore in the corporate space.

This year, Allyson Gayle, our Head of Risk and Healthcare will be speaking about how employers can identify gaps in their wellbeing strategy with our wellbeing appraisal.

Staff Wellbeing Programmes - Budgets vs. Aspirations

Allyson will be discussing the following:

  • Learning how to determine where you are now, in order to appreciate where you need to go next.
  • Understanding that wellbeing is more than just benefits – recognising how the wider picture impacts your employees.
  • Understanding where competitor wellbeing programmes score well and where they fall short (including yours).
  • Recognising wellbeing ROI and how to move wellbeing up on your company’s agenda.
  • What does health and wellbeing mean to your employees – what do they want from their employer?
  • Insights into repurposing your existing benefit and wellbeing budget.
  • How a wellbeing platform can engage your staff.
  • Looking at whether Wellbeing Governance is the right your route forward for you.

Event schedule

  • 09.00 Welcome
  • 09.05 Wellbeing as an asset
  • 09.20 Keynote: Transformation, resilience and survival
  • 09.50 The government viewpoint
  • 10.10 Panel Q&A
  • 10.30 Refresments
  • 11.00 Breakout sessions commence
  • 15.00 Round table discussions
  • 16.30 Top tips panel: The Challenge to Change
  • 17.10 Summing up
  • 17.15 Finish
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