Premier Sponsors Aspiring Triathlete

We pride ourselves on supporting the achievements of the families within our business. That’s why whenever there is a chance to support those doing something amazing we jump at it. Whether it is something in the community, a charitable marathon or a sporting endeavor, we want to support those working for Premier.

When Karl (one of our great Pension Fund Accountants) told us his son, Ethan Darcy, was doing so well in the triathlon world, it was a chance for Premier to give a little support. We caught up with Ethan and spoke a bit about his triathlon season and why he loves racing so much.

How long have you been racing triathlon?

Ethan: I started when I was eight, so five years’ now.

What got you into the sport?

Ethan: I really liked the three individual sports so putting them together felt like a good idea. At the start, I liked running most of all, but the bike soon took over as my favourite. I found I was gaining most time in the bike section and that really inspired me on the bike. I also really like all the kit associated with bikes and cycling – it’s really cool.

What inspires you to race tri?

Ethan: I think my biggest inspiration is the feeling of improving, building on the level of where I am at that time – there’s not a better feeling than improving.

What races have you got upcoming for the rest of the year?

Ethan: Across the coming winter I’ll be racing a lot of cross country. I’ve already raced in 7 triathlons this season, but had to miss one due to a knee injury.

So you said you liked all the kit to do with cycling, what’s your current set-up?

Ethan: I ride a Giant Propel SLR, it’s an aero bike meaning it has aerodynamic features that reduce the bike’s drag and allows it cut through the air more efficiently. I have clip-on aero bars, much like those on a TT bike. I also use a Garmin watch as I can wear it throughout my whole race, and of course training, plus it links to my power meter.

What does your triathlon training schedule look like?

Ethan: I’m in the pool at the weekends for a 1-hour session each day and then I normally do a lake swim on Tuesday or Sundays. I run once at the weekend and once or twice during the week (for a maximum of 2hours)/. When coming into a race I taper down my training and in the off-season I’ll tend to do longer rides on the bike.

What’s been your favorite race?

Ethan: My favourite race to date has been the Yorkshire triathlon that I raced quite recently. It’s in Castle Howard and it’s in the most beautiful location. It’s not a circuit race so there’s something new around every turn. Coming first place was a bonus as well!

What are your triathlon aspirations?

Ethan: I want to keep putting in the training, getting stronger and keep enjoying racing. When I’m older I’d like to compete at Olympic distance and complete an iron man – that’s every triathletes goal!