Community / 15 Jun 2018

Premier Celebrates it's 15 anniversary

We turned 15 years old in June with a celebration with our employees and clients at Lingfield racecourse.

A note from Dai, the Chairman, and founder of Premier;

It’s difficult to believe that it’s 15 years since Jo, Mo and I opened for business in Airport House on the Purley Way, Croydon. Now Premier has 160 employees, we’ve seen four re- brandings and four office moves in Croydon and two in Bristol.

Nor would Premier be the fun and challenging business it has become without the dedication, skill, hard work and good humour from all of it employees. We originally set out with the vision of creating a place to work that people would enjoy coming to bearing in mind how much time you spend there and based on the feedback provided over the years I think we have generally managed that.

At the same time we wanted to create a business which had its clients at the heart of everything we did and again we have largely achieved that as evidenced by our ICS survey results.

In those early days the sceptics in the industry didn’t believe we could maintain the same culture and the high service standards we set as we grew but we have, and the pace of growth is accelerating because of our approach – the clients still like it!

I am delighted we are celebrating our birthday and the success of Premier together this weekend and look forward to future success in the coming years serving our clients.