Community / 23 Nov 2021

Getting to know Holly

The great company culture really shines through

The great company culture really shines through

Holly is a Marketing Communications & Brand Executive at Premier. She is relatively new to the Sales & Marketing team, having started 6 months ago.

Holly lets us in on what her day to day role involves, what it’s like to work for Premier, what she’ll be doing when it hits 5pm, and even reveals her guilty pleasure…

What does your job at Premier involve?

I work across all Premier’s business areas to promote services within Pensions Consulting, Actuarial, DC Consulting & Employee Benefits tech, Pensions Administration, Risk and Healthcare and Wealth Planning.

I keep the company website up-to-date, post on our social channels, distribute marketing emails and work on the design of marketing collateral. Premier run monthly webinars which I help promote, as well as putting together industry focused blog posts and circulating internal and external monthly newsletters.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

It’s great working across all business areas as I get to meet and work with colleagues from all departments, and on a number of different product areas and campaigns – so no day is the same! I enjoy working on the design of the company website and marketing materials as it’s a chance to get creative and see my ideas come to life.

I also love learning new skills and have had the chance to work with several platforms that I haven’t used before, such as Photoshop.

What’s the best thing about working for Premier?

I’ve only been at Premier for 6 months, but the great company culture really shines through. Everyone I’ve met both virtually and in-person have been lovely and welcoming, and I have great support from my manager. We have a wellbeing programme here which is a great way to meet people as a new starter too.

Premier also adopts an agile working policy which is flexible between home and office working, which I really enjoy. Premier is certainly a company who care about their staff, which is the most important thing to me when choosing somewhere to work.

When it hits 5pm, what will you be doing?

After work you’ll usually find me walking my little Shih Tzu pup called Ollie – he’s extremely cute but a little menace who will eat anything and everything… Other than that, I love to unwind by reading a psychological thriller, enjoying a glass of wine with friends, or binging some kind of trash TV (MAFS anyone?!).

Why did you choose to work for Premier?

I was looking for my next career move and was drawn to Premier’s company culture and focus on employee wellbeing which I think is so important. The industry was not a familiar one to me, however I love learning new things, gaining skills and getting stuck into something completely new!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure has got to be all and everything true crime! I’ve watched Netflix dry of grisly documentaries, I’m always open to a podcast recommendation and if you see me with earphones in, I’m likely listening to a story about something awful… But I’m not morbid I swear – I just find it all really interesting!