12hr gaming marathon in aid of our 'Make Time to Make a Difference' initiative

Dan Burgess, implementation analyst at Premier and gaming enthusiast will take part in 12 hour gaming marathon streamed online in honour of our 'Make Time to Make a Difference' initiative. 

Beginning at 6pm GMT this Friday, Dan will stream ‘Destiny 2’ and ‘Call of Duty’ through the night until 6am – and for every £100 raised, he will extend the stream by 30 mins.

Dan’s streaming challenge is in aid of our ‘Make Time to Make a Difference’ initiative which is aiming to increase awareness for mental health and wellbeing along with fundraising for the charities Mind and Papyrus. To read more about this initiative click here – Make Time to Make a Difference.

Dan is part of a global gaming community who regularly get together to take part in gaming events or just get together casually with like-minded people.  For a lot of people the online world is their way to connect to others and in this climate of few social interactions in the real world, the digital platforms have really helped a lot of people.

To join this event click here –

What a great way to spread this initiative across the world and hopefully help some people connect, feel good and make a difference.

To donate to this event (which all goes towards Premier’s ‘Make Time to Make a Difference’ campaign) click here –