/ 13 Mar 2019

ICS ServiceMark Accreditation

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What is the ICS ServiceMark?

At the end of last year, Premier were re-accredited the ICS ServiceMark, previously awarded to us, for 3 years, in December 2014. The ICS ServiceMark is awarded based on customer satisfaction feedback and an assessment of employee engagement with customer service strategy. It helps organisations understand how effective their customer service strategy is, and identifies areas for improvement. Undergoing ServiceMark accreditation is an opportunity to demonstrate how good a company’s customer service really is, as well as find ways to develop it further. Essentially, it is a barometer of the state of customer satisfaction in the UK.

What is involved?

There are three stages to the ServiceMark Accreditation:


  1. Self-assessment using ServCheck: an assessment of employees’ engagement with customer service strategy
  2. Customer feedback: obtained through UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) business benchmarking data
  3. Independent assessment over a number of site visits to verify you are meeting the benchmarks and implementing action plans to develop areas of improvement
UK all-sector Customer Satisfaction Index average
Premier Customer Satisfaction Index

How did we measure up?

ServCheck, one third of the review, is an assessment from the employees side. The online survey assesses our employees views of how our strategy, organisation, culture and processes enable us to deliver world class customer service. It also helps us to benchmark against other sectors and identify areas of focus for our service development plan. Our ServCheck Index of 79.57 proved considerably higher than the overall Insurance Index of 73.32, and even more so than the entire UK average of 70.97.

Subsequently, our client survey used to provide customer feedback followed a similar trend. Our Customer Satisfaction Index of 85.6, was well above the Insurance Index of 78.9, and once more both figures were above the overall UK Index of 78.2. Our recent Customer Satisfaction Index also indicated a vast improvement in our service from our previous assessment in January 2016, when our score was 80.5.

These results, alongside the on site assessment we received in December, proudly earned us the ICS ServiceMark accreditation for another 3 years.


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