/ 12 Mar 2021

Employee Engagement Survey

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Employee Engagement Survey

The employee engagement survey is a tool which helps to form and shape future business decisions as Premier continues to grow. We had a brilliant response rate last time around, along with some really positive results, so we’re really pleased.

Equally, responses by our colleagues have also shown that there are some areas that need improvement and the Board is committed to doing so.

Our overall engagement score - 13% above the norm!
survey response rate, that's 10% above the average.

What is involved?

The survey was carried out in September, with anonymous responses going directly to our third-party survey partners. They reviewed the responses, and we looked at all of the results and feedback. From here we have taken actions into 2021 to improve life at Premier.

The survey has shown us that our employees are keen to participate and want their voice’s to be heard.

Purpose (91%)
Enablement (80%)
Leadership (85%)

Based on five areas of questioning our overall engagement score is 91% which is 13% above the norm for financial services companies.

Overall, that is a result we are very pleased with, however, like with all businesses there are still some aspects where there is room for improvement, something which the Board is taking very seriously.

Sue Holmes

Head of Human Resources

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