Secretary to the Trustees
More than just a Secretary

Our Pension Scheme Secretary Service goes far beyond arranging meetings and taking minutes.

We liken our service to that of a Company Secretary – being the heart of good Scheme Governance. All of our Scheme Secretaries are PMI qualified, able to provide technical as well as governance support.

We can tailor our service around our client's business, with core elements that include drafting of the proposed Agenda, and a meeting with the Chair of the Trustee Board to agree the Agenda and agree the briefing of the providers attending. After the meeting, we’ll produce draft and final minutes as well as action lists and any other documents.

We have partnered with eShare to deliver these services ‘electronically’.  The web-based system produces electronic meeting packs and works in conjunction with a secure iPad app, BoardPacks.  eShare is more than just a tool for providing electronic meeting papers, it also includes modules such as ‘eKnowledge’ a document storing facility, ‘eProject’ for managing projects and ‘eDecisions’ which can be used for Trustee discretions.

However, the success of our service lies in what we do between meetings. We will maintain and manage budgets, business plans, risk logs and training records throughout the year. We’ll also manage the service providers between and prior to meetings, to make sure that actions are completed and that any output is both fit for purpose and circulated in good time.

Our unique position in the market allows us to have an excellent working relationship with all third party providers. In fact, many see our appointment as a benefit – rather than a threat.