Auto-enrolment Planner
An online interactive planning tool to help you get ready for Auto-enrolment

Are you ready for auto-enrolment?

As an employer, there's a lot you need to do to get ready for Auto-enrolment in time for your Staging Date.

Our interactive Auto-enrolment Planner makes that job a lot easier. This planning solution is suitable for employers with more than two months before their Staging Date. If you have less than two months until your Staging Date, please contact us for additional support.

Let us help you with your responsibilities

We offer free access to our DIY interactive Auto-enrolment Planner.


How does it work?

Our on-line Planner helps you by:

  • Telling you what you need to do and when - we provide you with a task list and project plan of the actions and decisions you need to make to get ready in time for your Staging Date
  • Providing support - the planner provides information and points you towards useful resources to help you complete each task
  • Keeping you on schedule - you will receive automated e-mail updates that remind you of upcoming tasks and flag any that require urgent attention  
  • Allowing you to share the plan - you can add colleagues to the plan so that they can view and complete the tasks

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Need more help?

  • Showing you how to get the best from the planner
  • Discussing the key issues you need to consider
  • Sharing key learns from other employers we have helped
  • Helping you design a cost effective scheme
  • Advising on the pros and cons of using a Salary Exchange scheme
  • Setting up your Auto-enrolment scheme with NEST (or an alternative, if you wish)
  • Providing guidance and access to communications to help explain what’s happening to your staff
  • Helping you understand the payroll implications and the systems you will need to meet your ongoing assessment communication and record keeping duties
  • Answering any questions you have as you work through the planner

This service is available for a fixed fee for £2,999* + VAT.

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