Auto-enrolment Manager (PAM)
A safe, simple and secure way to manage auto-enrolment


Let us help you with your on-going Auto-enrolment responsibilities

We’ve developed an online service we call PAM, short for Premier Auto-enrolment Manager, to help you with your ongoing assessment, communication and record keeping duties.



PAM is…


  • Safe: controlled by you;
  • Simple: intuitive and easy to use;
  • Secure: password access plus all your employee data stays with you.


What can PAM do for me?

PAM can help you take care of many of your auto-enrolment responsibilities. It will run in the background helping you to auto-enrol your staff, giving you more time to concentrate on your day-to-day business.

Here are a few of the ways PAM can help you:

Set up for auto-enrolment

  • PAM will guide you through the steps to set up your auto-enrolment scheme.
  • PAM will help you find the contribution levels that best meet your business goals.
  • PAM will help you certify your pension scheme(s) with The Pensions Regulator.

Monitor your auto-enrolment scheme

  • PAM will continuously monitor your auto-enrolment scheme to make sure you meet your regulatory responsibilities.
  • PAM will work with multiple schemes, multiple payrolls and multiple providers.

Certification and Cost Modeller


Compliance Check


Get in touch to see a demo or to learn more about how we can help you get to grips with auto-enrolment.