Auto-enrolment for SMEs
A cost effective solution to help small and medium sized employers get ready for Auto-enrolment

The new Auto-enrolment regulations have bought some fundamental changes to workplace pensions. It is vitally important that all employers comply with the new regulations to avoid heavy fines and reputational damage.

Why have we developed this solution?

Large employers have experienced difficulty complying with the new legislation, so we have taken what we have learnt from working with those employers and applied it to a solution specifically designed for employers with less than 100 employees.

How does it work?

Through this solution we offer free access to our do-it-yourself (‘DIY’) interactive Auto-enrolment planner which will tell you what you need to do and when.

Need more help?

Whilst you can use the planner on your own, the rules and regulations are complicated and as you'll see when you register for your free planner, there's a lot to do.  Bearing in mind the fines for failing to comply can be up to £2,500 per day, it’s important you get it right.

We therefore recommend you consider our Guided service, where an Auto-enrolment expert from Premier will help you by:

• Showing you how to get the best from the planner

• Discussing the key issues you need to consider

• Sharing key learns from other employers we have helped

• Helping you design a cost effective scheme

• Advising on the pros and cons of using a Salary Exchange scheme

• Setting up your Auto-enrolment scheme with NEST (or an alternative, if you wish)

• Providing guidance and access to communications to help explain what’s happening to your staff

• Helping you understand the payroll implications and the systems you will need to meet your ongoing assessment communication and record keeping duties

• Answering any questions you have as your work through the planner

This service is available for a fixed fee for £2,999* + VAT.

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Other Support Options

We also offer two other options:

Supported service

which is more limited and provides an initial walkthrough of the planner, the key areas you will need to consider and learns from organisations that have already been through the process. You will need to work through all of the planner tasks yourself, but we will answer your questions via email, if you get stuck.

This service is available for a fixed fee of  £999 + VAT

Full service

 includes all elements of the Guided service, but also includes help with the ongoing assessment, communication and management duties, utilising our online management tool Click here Premier Auto-enrolment Manager (PAM)

Cost £3,999 + VAT, plus £99 + VAT per month**

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* For additional cost, we can advise on a wider range of pension providers and help you implement Salary Exchange to save National Insurance.
** For up to 100 employees.