The Premier Retirement Saver
A low cost Defined Contribution (DC) master trust solution offering exceptional service and rigorous governance

The Premier Retirement Saver has been established to offer a high quality alternative for those offering defined contribution benefits to their workforce. Based on Premier’s award winning administration service, the Premier Retirement Saver offers the highest possible quality of service to members at a very competitive price.

As standard, the service includes an online self-service portal where members can model their benefits, select investment and switch funds, straight through processing of contributions and trades directly to fund managers; full segregation of assets by employer and clear lines of responsibility and accountability. Like all of the services offered by Premier our focus is on delivering exceptional quality. There is a range of investment choices comprising Target Date Funds (as defaults) as well as a range of self-select funds offered byAlliance Bernstein.  The range of options offers the flexibility, track record of performance and suitability to meet all members’ needs. Approaching retirement members will benefit from the information and advice contained in our innovative retirement portal Gateway2Retirement Click here which is fully supported by FCA regulated advisers, for those members who require more bespoke advice about their retirement options. 

Uniquely, the Premier Retirement Saver also offers members a range of flexible retirement options that are available within the Trust, thereby offering members a completely flexible retirement savings platform. This will satisfy all the demands that the planned changes to retirement options will create.

So that the Premier Retirement Saver offers clients the maximum level of comfort and security the Trust is managed by an independent, professional Trustee - Pan Governance, represented by Roger Mattingly and Steve Delo and meets all of the Governance requirements of the Regulators and Legislators. This includes the Pension Regulator’s Master Trust Assurance Framework published on 1 May 2014.
The Pensions Regulator has set down very onerous requirements on those who are looking to provide DC benefits to their members. The 2014 Budget has also changed the way in which members treat their benefits. By looking to offer your DC benefits through The Premier Retirement Saver you are able to free your Company from the increasingly onerous responsibilities of running a DC pension arrangement, safe in the knowledge that your members will be well looked after.

The Premier Retirement Saver is available to new employees or as a safe home for accumulated benefits in a closed arrangement. We offer a highly transparent and competitive fee calculated as a percentage of the asset value.  We are therefore able to offer this high quality pension provision to schemes of all sizes.

For more information about how The Premier Retirement Saver can help you and your members please contact Ian Gutteridge.

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