Health & Wellbeing
Cost effective healthcare for you and your employees

Healthcare is one of the most popular benefits among employees. But in today’s turbulent economy, employers are seeking sound advice on how to continue to provide cover while balancing cost constraints.

Whether you provide a comprehensive range of health benefits, would like to extend current provision further or simply wish to obtain more for your money Premier can help you manage Healthcare in a cost effective and efficient way. We can also make sure your staff appreciate the investment you make by increasing employee engagement through benefit design and communication.

Premier specialises in innovative solutions including Synergy Wellbeing which offers the potential to reduce Private Medical Insurance (PMI) costs by 20% while broadening the cover provided and including a health screen every two years for employees/partners covered by PMI. Download further information on Synergy Wellbeing here.

Targeting healthcare benefits can have a positive impact on absence management. Premier can design a healthcare programme directly aimed at reducing absence through early detection and intervention while speeding a return to work in the event illness does strike.

We’ll look at your healthcare benefits in a joined-up fashion. Considering all areas that can impact on design and cost, such as wider group risk benefits and wellbeing as well as absence management.