Financial Education & Advice
Empowering employees to make informed financial decisions

The media is currently awash with stories of the ongoing ‘pensions crisis’ or the ‘personal debt crisis’. Despite these sensational headlines, there is no doubt that more and more people find it hard to budget and manage their day-to-day finances – let alone save for the future.

We have developed a range of financial education programmes designed to help employees and executives understand how to manage their financial affairs effectively, using a combination of online and printed literature.

Educating employees on how their benefits fit with their wider financial needs and aspirations can be a powerful differentiator. Increasingly, employees are being asked to make choices and to take ownership of their financial wellbeing – whether it is deciding how much to save for retirement, choosing where to invest their pension contributions or selecting flexible benefit options.

While education can help, there are times when the decisions and choices are just too complicated, or too important, to make without professional advice.

As an FCA regulated firm, our independent advisers are able to give your employees advice on a range of financial matters. You will have dedicated advisers with an in-depth knowledge of your pension and benefit arrangements, which enables them to provide the most relevant information.