Benefit Consulting
Sharing expertise – delivering successful solutions

Whether you are thinking of offering benefits for the first time, or reviewing a benefit strategy that has simply evolved over time, we have the knowledge and expertise to add real value to your business.

We can help you develop a benefit strategy that is truly aligned to your business needs and being completely independent, we provide truly impartial advice.

If you have a benefit strategy in place already, we can help you assess:

  • The competitiveness of your offering compared with your competitors
  • The appropriateness of the package recognising employee diversity
  • That the benefits match your contractual obligations and whether there are uninsured liabilities
  • Whether you are getting value for money from suppliers/advisers
  • The effectiveness of employee communications and the level of awareness/understanding/appreciation among your employees
  • Operational efficiencies to reduce your internal workload

If you are thinking of introducing new benefits or offering employees greater choice, we can help you assess:

  • Whether there is a business case
  • Operational issues will need to be overcome
  • Which benefits to add/flex and assist with the broking/sourcing of appropriate suppliers
  • Which administration/technology platform will meet your needs
  • The most effect means of communicating with employees