The right quality of advice – at the right time and price

Many people believe that high quality actuarial advice is excessively expensive, available only to the largest pension plans with significant budgets. But that’s not the case with Premier. We give small and medium sized pension plans exceptional actuarial advice and services – at an affordable price.

We use the latest communication and information technologies to regularly measure and monitor key financial information. This means we are not held back by resourcing issues, obsolete processes or legacy problems. Instead, we’re free to concentrate on providing our clients a first class service.

Clear communication is another key factor to our success – this is never truer than in the field of actuarial work. We will go to extraordinary lengths to identify and understand what our clients need – and then tailor our service accordingly. 

We also recognise that things can – and will – change. Thanks to our flexible approach and long term view, we can make all the difference to our clients.

When it comes to pricing, unlike many actuarial services, the majority of our work can be provided on a fixed fee – which means the price we quote will be the price you pay.