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Guns don’t kill people…

by Admin, Administrator, Sun, June 8, 2014

The "pensions industry" is dead. We are now part of the tax planning and savings industry. We need to re-invent ourselves and take responsibility for the financial decisions that people take and we need to find new ways of increasing the financial awareness of those that use our products. We also need to offer products that meet people's needs and offer good value for money.

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Active Management Under Fire - Guest Blog

by Admin, Administrator, Tue, June 3, 2014

This is a guest blog from our friends at Gatemore looking at Passive Management. Whilst there is a strong case for passive management we recommend using active strategies in less correlated, "alternative" asset classes where managers can take advantage of market inefficiencies. Absolute return managers have fewer constraints than "traditional" active manager and are not paid to hug a benchmark index.

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End of year tax planning – you know it makes sense

by Ian Gutteridge, Director, Sun, March 16, 2014

With only a few weeks to go, many individuals are looking at their end of tax year house-keeping. What investments should they make and what actions should be undertaken to improve their current or future tax position. Here is a list of common issues we see.

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Annuities - Are they really the Devil Incarnate?

by Admin, Administrator, Mon, February 24, 2014

With the recent coverage of the annuity market led most recently by the Sunday Times under the unworthy title of "Stop the Pensions Scandal" one would be forgiven for thinking that annuities are themselves "the devil incarnate". Before we go too far I think we should be careful what we wish for.

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Is it really that hard to change administrators?

by Admin, Administrator, Wed, December 11, 2013

Trustee boards consistently accept a poor standard of administration because of the fear that moving is too complicated and risky. Often the decision to move is delayed because Trustees are waiting for the perfect moment that seldom arrives; ultimately perpetuating low standards of quality and service. Premier recently delivered an installation for a client that faced some of the most common barriers to moving administration, but uniquely, encountered them all at the same time. This case Study looks at what happened.

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Directors and Executives Pension Concerns – The Annual Allowance Trap

by Admin, Administrator, Tue, November 5, 2013

With little over five months left of the current tax year, the opportunity to take advantage of the ever reducing annual allowance is diminishing. People need to take action now

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