Over the years we have found that our approach resonates well within the Charity and Not-for-profit sectors

If you read “The Premier Story” then you will see that, when we established Premier, we were looking to change the pensions industry. Over the years we have found that our approach resonates well within the Charity and Not-for-profit sectors. Given this we have established a specific group to focus on how we service this market.

So why is our service so compelling for this sector?

First and foremost, our focus on excellent customer service at an affordable price is vital to any charity. We treat your pension plan members like real people. Charities and Not-for-profit organisations do not pay high salaries and so it is vital that your members, whether they are still working for you or not, get a first class service which reflects well on the Charity. We understand that those who no longer work for you are as important as your employees. They may well be volunteers, supporters or contributors long after they leave employment. At the other end of the spectrum our service to Trustees and to the employer focuses on providing clear and concise advice. Those employed by charities do not have the time to spend on complex matters which are not directly concerned with their charitable purposes. We take the pain out of employee benefits to let you focus on your charity.

Secondly, great service does not have to come at a high price. Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the market and when we offer a fixed fee, (and we will do this in most cases), we mean fixed. This means that the Charity can budget accurately and confidently. This is vital in today’s difficult climate when you need to be able to show that you have spent the Charities funds appropriately.

Finally, our people understand the charity sector. Many of us work for charities ourselves. Whether as a volunteer or as a fund raiser we have supported our charitable organisations and learned to understand their business.

The Premier Story explains that “…we’ve found people are motivated to do things better, simply because they believe it’s the right thing to do.” In servicing Charity and Not-for-profit clients this freedom to do “the right thing” rather than the most profitable thing sets us apart, provides fantastic job satisfaction for our people and ensures that our clients get an unparalleled service.

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